About Silver Luthier

Customise EverythingRock & Roll Royalty! We make jewelry for Rockstars and their guitars. Owner and designer of Silver Luthier, Ryan Murphy, also the singer, guitarist and founder of the rock band Forty Point, hand crafts sterling silver guitar parts, such as tuning pegs, knobs, tailpieces, toggle and other cover plates, and Rocker style jewelry to match, from pendants to rings to cufflinks. read full article

Why Silver?

Advanced SEOAll of our parts are made from solid cast sterling silver.  (Unless you order a gold piece of course, it will not be silver) Sterling silver is not pure silver.  Pure silver (.999 or 99.9%) ery soft, scratches & tarnishes easily, & really isn’t used much for making jewelry.  Its great for making bullion and collectible coins and your grandmothers silverware, but not very good for jewelry & such. read full article

Recent News

Deuce & guitarist Jimmy Yuma show off their Silver Luthier!
Hinder Guitarists with their Skull Tailpieces and Skull drum
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Silver Luthier launches the AVVOLA collection.

February 3rd, 2014

Revered underwater artist Christy Lee Rogers unveils jewelry collaboration with Rock & Roll jewe[...]