Wing Tailpiece

Solid cast, white bronze Wing Tailpiece.  Artfully hand carved wings with removable/interchangeable centerpieces.  Includes 1 centerpiece of your choosing.  This tailpiece will not only look stunning on your guitar, but will add an overall tonal improvement, making your guitar a bit warmer and brighter than what you are used to hearing from your stock tailpiece.  Bronze being one of the “tone metals”.  The white bronze looks more like Silver or Chrome than the normal bronze you might be familiar with. Standard 6 string sizing, this tailpiece fits all Gibson & Epiphone models, and most other guitar models that use this tailpiece design.  It is equipped with small set screws on each side to ensure it stays in place between string changes.  Easy on and off replacement with an allen key.  We also offer this piece cast in sterling silver.  Email us for pricing if interested.

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