Last year we were asked to create a customized Tailpiece for James Hetfield's Vulture guitar by ESP.  We did, and he has been playing with it ever since.  After that we were invited to design some Metallica merchandise they would offer through their website to their fans.  What we came up with is a full grain thick leather cuff with the distinctive Metallica "M" logo cast in solid sterling silver, in both a hammered and polished version, opposing a sterling silver buckle on the back. 

Of course we had to create something using the Vulture skull on James' tailpiece, so we took the wings, and wrapped them around to create a ring, and topped it with the same skull that adorns his tailpiece on his signature Vulture ESP guitar. 

Launching today, these pieces are each made by hand with love here in the USA, and can be found only at

We thank the band and all their staff who extended their hand to us and offered Silver Luthier this great opportunity.


In 2016 we reached out to Metallica through a good friend of ours, and asked if there was anything we could do for the band.  James Hetfield saw the website and asked us about making a custom tailpiece for his Vulture signature guitar by ESP.  He liked our wing tailpiece and asked if we could make him a custom centerpiece of a vulture skull to go with it.  A few weeks later, they played their first sold out stadium show using that tailpiece.  Since then Metallica has toured South America, some U.S. dates, and now Asia, playing with our Wing Tailpiece custom made for him. 

A few months later, we shipped our Skull Tailpiece to Kirk Hammett, and shortly thereafter, saw him performing "Sad But True" with Metallica on the Howard Stern show! 

Beyond humbled and so honored to have these legendary Rockstars who have been at the top of the game for the last 3 decades, using our products!

James Hetfield played that Vulture guitar and Vulture tailpiece to debut their singles "Hardwired", "Atlas, Rise!", and "Moth into Flame" live during their recent tour, and the tailpiece can even be heard on their new album "Hardwired" in the "Live at Rasputin" segment.

Congrats to Metallica for their continued success and amazing new album! 

Mr. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith was out walking through his neighborhood when he came across a dried up, picked clean carcass of an Armadillo.  Being a Rockstar, he picked up a few pieces and showed them to me and asked about possibly immortalizing some of this beast in silver.  What was I going to say but of course!  So I brought it back to the shop, prepped the claw for casting by treating it with wax and various glues to make it castable, then went for it.  The results? An amazing pendant hung by a leather cord that accompanied him on Aerosmith's recent tour through South America.

Photo by Zach Whitford.

  At long last, we have finally released 2 new leather bracelets, the cuff, and the triple wrap in black and chocolate brown.  Made of full grain leather entirely by hand in our shop in Nashville.  And of course we had to up the ante by using solid sterling silver buttons and rivets. 

  We are creating the highest quality products we possibly can, every detail we can pull out of our artistic arsenal, we are using.  We want to make sure that none of our materials can be found anywhere, (Except possibly a few stone beads from our beaded bracelets, that would be difficult to manufacture here) and everything coming out of our company is unique to only us.  Even the new buckles, buttons and rivets from our new cuffs are hand carved here, and unique to only our shop.  And all leathers are selected by the head designer, to make sure the grain, thickness and flexibility is just right.

  So when considering our products, know that you are getting the highest quality possible, made entirely by hand.  Even the blend of Sterling Silver we use for our jewelry (we use TRUSilver) is the highest quality proprietary blend, of hypoallergenic, anti-tarnish sterling alloy we could possibly find.

  We make products for Rock & Roll Royalty!

Yes that's right, we are currently in the process of making our first Silver Luthier leather products! Rocker style leather cuffs, with sterling silver buckles, buttons and even silver rivets, all made here in our shop by hand.  Belts to follow before too long, but we thought this would be a good starting point.
Country star Gary Allan was gracious enough to do some modeling of our jewelry for us yesterday.  He owns quite possibly the nicest boutique for men in Nashville called "The Label" that caters to the top stylists and country stars in the US, as well as ordinary folks with discerning taste for classy clothes and fine jewelry.  Pics will be posted to our website soon!  Feel free to check out their website at:

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November 11, 2015

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  We have officially launched our new website!  Take a look, check out some new products, see cool pictures, Rock and Roll!