Are skulls a symbol of death?

Are skulls a symbol of death?

Skulls, we see them all over the place these days.  From Biker jewelry to baby clothes, skulls are in vogue.  But what do they mean?  It depends who you ask.

First of all, I would not suggest they represent evil or anything Luciferian or satanic, after all, everyone alive has a skull.  Both the lowest scum bag and most  pious saints have skulls.  I had a religious woman recently discuss this with me so I thought I would write a blog about it. 

There are specific symbols that represent Lucifer or Satan such as the upside down cross or Baphomet.  I personally love skulls, but I'm really not familiar with other satanic symbols, as I'm just not into that despite my jewelry design inclinations...

For me and my typical clientele, skulls represent rebellion.  What better way to immediately get ones attention and indicate that one is not buying into or conforming to the general accepted standards of the society than with a skull ring, or pendant.  They are dark, and of course at first glance, one thinks of death, but you have to see beyond that. 

Skulls are a rebellion because they are an overcoming of fear.  Or what is generally considered man's greatest fear.  When we wear the skull it is a sort of trophy of sorts.  Either that or it is a superficial attempt by someone more drawn to the fashion of skulls, to mimic the person who has actually overcome this.

Skulls are a story, a legacy or mark left behind.  They represent a transformation, such as viewed from the Mayan culture.  They are a reminder that all that we are physically in this world fades and perishes, and to look beyond the senses of ego, and remember who we truly are, which in my experience, is spirit. 

You cannot truly understand or appreciate the light without an understanding and examination of the dark. 

So Rock and Roll fucker's!  Enjoy life, and always shoot for the stars, because in the end, that's where we all wind up!