Custom Piece made for Aerosmith's Brad Whitford

Brad Whitford wearing Silver Luthier jewelry, with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry preparing to rock South America with Aerosmith.

Mr. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith was out walking through his neighborhood when he came across a dried up, picked clean carcass of an Armadillo.  Being a Rockstar, he picked up a few pieces and showed them to me and asked about possibly immortalizing some of this beast in silver.  What was I going to say but of course!  So I brought it back to the shop, prepped the claw for casting by treating it with wax and various glues to make it castable, then went for it.  The results? An amazing pendant hung by a leather cord that accompanied him on Aerosmith's recent tour through South America.

Photo by Zach Whitford.